Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit

7 Days On The Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit - The Mountains Are Calling

It was magical. 

A few weeks ago I got to experience the joys of paddling on the renowned Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit in B.C.

It was filled with torrential rain and mud, all very fun elements when hauling your canoe and gear on multiple 2.5 km portages.

It was also filled with magical sunsets, a blueberry bumper crop in September, and the most stunning mountain views!

This beautiful untouched wilderness is in one of Canada’s most unique settings.

It's the only inland temperate rainforest in the world! 

It is also rare to find a circuitous canoe route through multiple mountain ranges. Outdoor Magazine considers Bowron Lakes canoe circuit to be one of the top ten canoe trips in the World and it is indeed a very special place! 

This renowned route takes you through 116 km of prime Canadian wilderness which includes 10 lakes, multiple rivers, and 8 connecting portages.  

Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit Map

We experienced bright sunshine and calm blue waters to angry torrential rains and everything in between. 

The Bowron Lakes canoe circuit is a place of many moods. 

The spiciest part of the trip includes paddling "The Chute" on Isaac River and the "Rollercoaster" rapids immediately afterward but this can be portaged around on river left if you're not feeling comfortable with your paddling skills. 

Seeing the riverbed littered with broken-up red and yellow canoes and equipment is a not-so-gentle reminder to stay within your skill levels. 

Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit Gif

The circuit is known for its epic wildlife viewing. My friend told me he saw no less than 14 moose on his trip a few years back, however we somehow missed seeing any on this trip other than fresh tracks and moose droppings everywhere. 

One of the park rangers we ran into had heard reports of a dead moose on a portage trail and was trying to track it down but we thankfully missed running into that. 

We did see two black bears, a bald eagle, and a lot of fish including Kokanee Salmon as we paddled through the crystal-clear waters. 

There was also some very friendly mice in the cook shelters of some of the campgrounds. The crumbs accidentally dropped by paddlers preparing dinner have kept them very happy. 

Dave and I choose to go luxury with food on this trip, packing a cooler with all sorts of goodies. 

Since we did the trip in mid-September the cool nights allowed the food to stay fresh all week. 

For years now I am so used to backpacking where weight is an issue. Freeze-dried meals are the only way to go on those trips, but here we enjoyed fresh salads and all sorts of gourmet meals! 

The magic for me was paddling through multiple mountain ranges, especially the Caribou Mountain Range. 

Its majestic jagged peaks climb right from the water's edge as you paddle along Isaac Lake on the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit. 

There has always been something about mountains that speak to me.

Many peaks have beckoned me to climb them. An inner compulsion to fill my soul and take in the views from the top. 

It's where I find myself. 

I am well again. I came to life in the cool winds & crystal waters of the mountains. John Muir quote

These experiences inspired me to create a collection that celebrates who we are.

Like a mountain, each one of us stands tall in our own way. 

I've called it the "I AM" collection and it’s a reminder that there is more to us than meets the eye. 

We are all unique and beautiful with many wild layers within and I love how the fire captured the movement of the ink, framing each mountain in such a beautiful way!  

The Fire Art "I AM" Collection
The Fire Art "I AM" Collection

If you ever get the chance to paddle the Bowron Lakes canoe circuit, I highly recomend it!

The circuit usually needs to be booked well in advance through B.C. parks since its so popular but because we went mid-September we bought our permits the day we started. 

It is an unforgettable place with stunning scenery.  

The perfect place to make happy memories, even if they're in the rain. 

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